German AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup offers next generation video understanding AI to analyze videos on a new level and is searching for industry partners


A German Artificial Intelligence startup has developed an innovative AI for video understanding. The AI combines state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to analyze video on various levels for a deep understanding of the content. The vision is to create a European standard General Purpose Technology for video understanding. The startup is looking for industry partners to conclude commercial agreements with technical assistance, research or technical agreements.


New method for determination of heat release rate has been developed at the university from Slovakia and now is ready for license agreement.


There has been a new innovation developed by the team of researchers at a technical university from Slovakia. More cost effective and flexible method for determining the heat release rate is now available for market purposes. Institution is looking for a partner from the private sphere to license the technology.


Dutch municipality is looking for bio-based solutions and technologies to make circular products of clean sludge from a local lake.


A Dutch municipality with a sustainable future vision, is looking for partners that have bio-based solutions and technologies to make circular products from clean sludge. The sludge will be dredged from the local lake. It is preferable that the partner develops or designs these products, that are going to be produced and used locally. Cooperation is envisaged within a technical cooperation agreement. This request refers to a challenge published on an internet-platform.