Project for the placing on the European market of innovative medical devices under the Mobility Exchange Programme for SME Staff


A Spanish company with background in the field of science and engineering looks for partners to apply for the MobiliseSME programme. Their field of expertise is biotechnology, engineering and science. They are looking for emerging companies, associations of manufacturers of medical products, research centers, etc., in order to establish a collaborative framework and to help manufacturers achieving the CE marking necessary to market medical devices in the fastest and most economical way.

Looking for partner with expertise in microfluidics for diagnostic device development


A UK-based SME has developed a highly sensitive point-of-care diagnostic device for myocardial infarctions, heart attacks, based on a magnetic immunodetection platform assay technology. They are looking for expertise in microfluidics for optimisation of the microfluidic test strip component of the device. it is anticipated the partnership will be a research cooperation, a technical cooperation or a services agreement dependant in the individual situation.

French healthtech SME is seeking a healthcare software partner to put together a comprehensive digital solution


A French SME, specialised in digital healthcare, has developed two digital solutions: home telemonitoring platform and an electronic health record system; to connect the patient’s home to his healthcare provider. It is seeking a healthcare software company under a research or technical cooperation agreement to implement one or both proposed solutions in a global health software package.

Express diagnostics of pesticides’ presence in fruits and vegetables


A Ukrainian company from the agro-food and food service activities field seeks technology for express diagnostics of pesticides’ presence in fruits and vegetables, under technical cooperation or license agreement..

Dutch company active in food-ingredients is looking for innovative fermentation technologies to upgrade agricultural waste/side streams into functional and/or nutritional ingredients for the baking industry.


A Dutch subsidiary of a British corporation active in food-ingredients for the baking industry is looking for partners with innovative ideas or innovative processes to co-create or co-develop fermentation technologies to upgrade agricultural waste/side streams into functional and/or nutritional ingredients within the frame of a license agreement, a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

This request refers to a challenge published on an internet-platform.

Spanish agricultural company is looking for new techniques for agricultural, ecological, self-made products through a technical cooperation or financial agreement


This agricultural company is located in Valencia (Spain). It has more than ten years of experience in the agriculture sector. They grow fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables based on modern, advanced and sustainable agriculture. One of the advantages offered by the project is to strengthen the farmer-consumer relationship, so that the acquisition of products is made directly. They are searching for new crop-growing techniques to expand through a technical cooperation or a financial agreement

A French company, producing equipment for industrial vehicles, is searching for a company to conceive a machine to manufacture aluminium wings of industrial vehicles


Created in 1993, the company produces and markets equipment for industrial vehicles to professional customers, Heavy duty manufacturers, Distributors and Importers

The company has a strong demand for aluminium mudguards for trucks and trailers, and would like to find a company conceiving machines in order to internalise those item’s production