A Dutch supplier to cheese retailers is looking for sustainable transparent packaging film technology


A Dutch family owned business that develops and sells supplies to cheese retailers wants to make its product range more sustainable. Their PVC transparent packaging film is used to cover and keep pre-cut cheese parts longer fresh in the shop. For this film they are looking for a sustainable alternative with comparable food safety and user characteristics within the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance. This request is part of an open innovation challenge.

A Dutch corporate brand of fair-trade chocolate bars is searching for a new sustainable and sturdy paper packaging for their chocolate bars


Dutch company is an impact company that makes chocolate. Their mission is to change the cocoa industry which is characterized by low incomes of cocoa farmers and weak governance, exacerbating poverty and a variety of environmental and social issues such as modern slavery and illegal child labour. They are looking for companies that share their vision and have ideas for sustainable but also sturdy paper packaging for chocolate bars. A cooperation agreement will be provided.

A Dutch SME is searching for ideas and concepts that can be used to develop robust covers for tablets


A Dutch SME is an innovative developer of ICT products for the education, culture and healthcare sector. They want to develop robust covers for tablets that will be used by people with physical and/or mental disabilities. For this reason the Dutch SME looks for developers and manufactures who have ideas and concepts that can be used. The potential partner is able to develop a prototype and is also able to produce the cover in large numbers. A technical cooperation agreement will be provided.

Looking for new assets in advanced research or preclinical development stages that could be useful for the treatment of dermatological diseases


A Spanish pharmaceutical company active in the skin care sector is looking for partnering opportunities on new assets in advanced research or preclinical development stages that could be useful for the treatment of dermatological diseases within the frame of a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

This request refers to an open innovation challenge.

A Turkish company looks for partners in renewable energy for its patented product under research, technical cooperation or financial agreement.


A Turkish company which has been specializing in HVAC integrated facade designs has a patented product called ‘Smart Facade”. Smart Facade is an innovative curtain wall integrated with central heating, cooling and ventilation system.
The company seeks partners under research or technical cooperation agreement to ensure the technological integration of Smart Facade in solar energy, energy storage, TEC (thermoelectric), heat pipe etc and its commercialization. The company also looks for investors

Motor with electromagnetic piston for applications in industrial machinery as loading and unloading large boats or heavy vehicles


A Spanish university has developed an electric motor whose piston surrounds a coil. The motor has a mobile and fixed piston, connected to a power source, which induces a magnetic field generating attractive and repulsive movements, with sufficient force for applications in industrial machinery as loading and unloading, large boats or heavy vehicles. The entity is looking for partners from companies related to electric motors interested in licensing this technology.

Smart system for dry eye disease self-management


A Spanish SME has developed, with the collaboration of a R&D centre, a system that can help people to control dry eye disease fighting against the first symptoms of ocular discomfort. This system integrates an eye health device, connected to a specific application (app) and a big data platform that allows ophthalmologists to provide information for further advice.
Companies in the health and ophthalmology sectors are sought to negotiate manufacturing and/or commercial agreements

Spanish SME offers organic fertiliser based on Tenebrio molitor insect frass for organic agriculture under commercial, technical and research cooperation agreement.


Spanish SME produces Tenebrio molitor insect frass which is the first insect derived fertiliser registered for organic agriculture. It shows outstanding chemical and microbiological properties which have proved beneficial for plants by increasing their abiotic resistance to harsh climate conditions and improving their health and immune system. The SME is interested in commercial, technical and especially in research cooperation under LIFE 2021 programme with academia or industry.